The Blackhorn Waste Disposal Facility is built on over 230 acres in rural Jim Wells County and consists of a processing area, a truck wash, 2 permitted long term disposal pits, an onsite disposal well, and both a contact and non-contact storm water ponds. Our concept is not only a “one call” for all of your disposal needs, but a facility that you understand, looks at the best interests of our customers, and has worked them into our design.


1427 County Road 308
Orange Grove, Texas, 78372

Conveniently located in Jim Wells County

Office (361) 882-1978

TRRC Permit #STF-059
ISNetworld #400-453733



The Blackhorn Waste Disposal Facility is constructed to the latest standards put forth by the RRC. As part of our environmental stewardship and long term risk mitigation of your waste, we have instituted a policy that goes beyond the current RRC recommendations. Even though not required in our permit, we have decided that every pad or pit that has the chance to hold or contain waste on our site has a synthetic liner under it, not just the clay as mandated in our permit. This extra layer of protection is just another way that we take the best care of your waste in the industry and help your peace of mind about your long term liability for that waste.

The whole site has very little topographical relief, meaning that the control of storm water, both contact and non-contact, is quite manageable under our Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan. We have a Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure Plan in place as well, and both are available for review.

We encourage you to set up a visit to our site so that we can show you how we have built a facility and implemented safe strategies for handling all of our waste needs.


For your short term goals, we offer rapid turnaround of drop off of the waste with a powerful and efficient truck wash to get them turned around quickly. We have a paved entrance road and pavement around various parts of the site, which help mitigate issues with trucks leaving our facility trailing mud or waste out onto the public roads, and making us an all weather facility.

Long term, we offer the peace of mind that any waste brought in is cared for properly and professionally, and ensuring that you as a company are using best practices to mitigate your “cradle to grave” liability. The choice of location for Blackhorn had as much to do with industry need as with a long term environmental safety concern for handling all forms of oilfield waste. All of the permitted disposal and working pits on the site have the latest in containment technologies, as recommended by the Texas Railroad Commission (RRC). This includes a 5 layer High Density Polyethylene System (HDPE) in our final resting disposal pit which included a leachate collection system for contact storm water above the waste, a leachate collection system for any fluids that are below the waste, and a leach detection system in between the 2 60 mil thick containment liners to immediately alert us if there has been any breach of the liner system. Per RRC guidelines this, disposal pit, and all of the working pit and areas, must have at least 2 feet of a clay subgrade in order to protect contamination in the event of a leak from percolating down. At the Blackhorn site, the under laying geology of the location of our facility could not be better for mitigating risk associated with disposal of oilfield waste. Under the bottom of our disposal pit (final resting place for the waste) is at least 20 feet of this specified clay. This natural in situ barrier under our facility helps to mitigate any risk and liability associated with produced wastes.